Architecture Consulting

Staying ahead in a competitive market requires complete alignment of the IT architecture to business goals. Codetech Solutions can help your company to meet technology architecture challenges head on. We understand the quick and effective decision-making capabilities that result from efficient architecture; envisioning this architecture that is capable of meeting future business needs can be a significant challenge.

We also know the problems with defining a single integrated architecture for a business that has many legacy systems and products from multiple vendors. The architecture must first be secure, with good performance capabilities; it can then be assessed and mapped to business needs. Codetech Solutions has the capability and in-depth experience to understand your business goals while framing this architecture.

Our Offerings

From description to security and application fitment assessment, Codetech Solutions offers the following services around architecture consulting:

Description Services

Codetech Solutions assists with describing the architecture, and warrants alignment with your business framework. Our key differentiator here is our ability to provide end-to-end ownership, dedication, and answerability.

Assessment & Performance Services

Codetech Solutions helps in assessing your implemented solutions; we carry out comprehensive reviews and suggest areas of improvement. We also provide Analysis of end-to-end system performance with suggested enhancements.

Enterprise Services

Codetech Solutions helps you in defining your enterprise landscape, and envisage long-term roadmaps. We provide much more than just `black-box` suggestions, we ensure absolute transparency with all estimations while creating and sharing estimation criteria.

Performance services

Codetech Solutions helps in Analysis of end-to-end system performance with suggested enhancements.

Security services

Codetech Solutions helps in scrutiny of application and landscape security along with detection of susceptibility/ Vulnerabilities.

Application fitment assessment services

Codetech Solutions helps organizations with description of long-term fitment of specific applications into enterprise landscape & vision

Why Codetech Solutions

Codetech Solutions’ Architecture Consulting solutions leverages combined expertise from diverse consulting exercises. Our core focus is on Microsoft-based technologies, the Microsoft Practice leverages information from multiple sources to extend our consulting expertise. We analyze and test architecture from the business drivers’ aspect as well, ensuring the success of businesses with newly defined architecture.