CodetechSolutions gives to your employees according to their needs on the product or migration we completed with your organisation.

All our projects will always be accompanied with personalised training to your employees with different levels of expertise according to the end users wishes.

The training process is part of consulting and project management process.


Tailored Courses


Cloud Initiative Courses


Our Project Product Training


Ongoing training courses for migration product

How can CodetechSolutions help you?

  • Personal or small group training
  • Onsite training provided
  • Training tools preparations (presentations and animation)
  • Class room set up process
  • Product training adapted to your organizations

Training by Consulting

CodetechSolutions’ strategic IT Consulting services focus on enhancing Technology performance of its clients. We have worked with clients in a wide range of industries to help them leverage the strengths of IT to optimize their business performance and produce value driven results. We specialize in helping organizations grow their businesses and their bottom line.When you hire CodetechSolutions, you gain a strategic technology consulting partner committed to helping you meet your unique technology objectives, on time and on budget.On site IT consultant can bring you the right training to your project To support new-generation business processes, CodetechSolutions manages the entire life cycle of IT implementation activities, from architecting complex IT systems to implementing them, and then providing post-implementation maintenance.

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