Mobile Apps Management

Mobile Application Management ( MAM) is part of Intune, is to manage some of the apps and data being used or accessed by company users. with MAM policies, your users’ personal apps and data remain their business while company apps and data, your business,remains secure and managed in accordance with company policies.the apps that they need to be productive and Microsoft Intune’s MAM capabilities ensure the equation remains in balance.Microsoft Intune also can be used to install apps on end-user devices either automatically or on demand (managed apps).there’s also another category of app management called MAM-protected apps. MAM-protected apps are managed apps with an additional layer of protection provided by Intune MAM policies.


Manage Apps on Multidevices


Manage the Apps on the Company Mobiles with Preventing Data Leakage


Manage Apps Deployment


Manage devices and Apps on the cloud and On-premises

How can CodetechSolutions help you?

  • Architecture: Planning and designing your MAM solution
  • Security: Set up Apps and users profile
  • Installation:  Deploy Apps on multidevices ( IOS, Android, WinPhone)
  • Maintenance: Give you a valuable support and advice

Service: Outsourcing

Codetech’s delivery model helps you add value while using resources more effectively. We bring together our best talent from the right mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations and work with you as a cohesive team. This mix enables us to deliver the optimal result for your business needs.We succeed by ensuring your success, with every Outsourced project we strive to provide you. Dedicated Highly qualified teams are based in India to help you to complete your project on time and less cost.

Service: Consulting

Codetech Solutions’ strategic IT Consulting services focus on enhancing Technology performance of its clients. We have worked with clients in a wide range of industries to help them leverage the strengths of IT to optimize their business performance and produce value driven results. We specialize in helping organizations grow their businesses and their bottom line.When you hire Codetech Solutions, you gain a strategic technology consulting partner committed to helping you meet your unique technology objectives, on time and on budget.

On site, IT consultant  can bring you the right solution  to your  project

To support new-generation business processes, Codetech Solutions manages the entire life cycle of IT implementation activities, from architecting complex IT systems to implementing them, and then providing post-implementation maintenance.

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